Introduction and overview

Mobile Xcessories is a Website that is operating according to the stipulated laws of Canadian which guide ecommerce activities. These terms and conditions apply to all of our Wholesale Customers. In case you don’t agree with any of them, it is suggested not to explore the content in our website.

However, using this site means you are in full agreement with all of these conditions. Before accessing Mobile Xcessories Website, ensure to read all of the terms that are highlighted below.

General information

  • Mobile Xcessories Website has full license to all of its content. You are only allowed to use the information for personal and noncommercial purposes. Therefore, you can copy, download or print the information provided it doesn’t violate any of our terms. Please note that you do not have the right to delete, edit or modify any trademark notice in any information you have access to on our website. Also, you will be breaching our terms by downloading, copying or printing the information on our site for commercial purposes.
  • We have the right to refuse rendering services to anyone for reasons best known to us.
  • Due to how we deal with some third-party services, your personal details may have to be transferred to such companies at some point to serve you better. Payment processing companies are a typical example of this.

Accuracy of information

  • We have tried our utmost best to ensure information on our site is 100% accurate. However, we will not be held responsible if you find any information that is not accurate. Every material you find on Mobile Xcessories site are only meant for provision of general information. Therefore, they shouldn’t be relied upon or used as a basis for decision making.
  • We have 100% right to edit or modify information on this website any time we deem such to be necessary. Also, note that we don’t have any obligation to provide updates about changes that have been made.

Price modification

  • Based on economic and some other factors, the prices of our products are subject to change. We also have the rights to discontinue rendering certain services.
  • When a third-party company stops rendering a particular service or makes modifications, we will not be held responsible.

Terms for our products

We always try to ensure that products displayed on our site are as described. Based on this, note that we don’t offer any refunds for purchases that have been made. We can only exchange products that are defective and you need to return such items within 15days after purchase. If you decide to return a defective product, the shipping cost will be handled by you.

Accuracy of your data

  • Using our website implies that you have agreed to provide the most accurate and updated information about yourself. These could be names, email address, location and others.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your transaction after discovering that your personal details are inaccurate.
  • For cancellation of transactions, you can contact us as soon as possible since there won’t be any refund.
  • When a product has been delivered, you are expected inspect within 15 business days.