Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy explains how your information will be processed each time you explore the official Mobile Xcessories Wholesale Website.

The Data We Collect

In order to serve you much better, we will collect your personal data. Such is in a bid to improve our products as well as services on a consistent basis. Due to this, we can gather, store and use certain data concerning you. Some of such details are your name, address, and financial data.

As you are exploring the content or items on our site, these details will be gathered and stored automatically. Other details we store are purchases, searches, views, and signups. Please note that your personal details remain with us. Therefore, we will not sell or rent them to any third and unauthorized party.

We can also receive information about you via third party companies like our payment service providers, carriers, advertising and service providers.

How we make use of cookies

Cookies are small files that are created each time you visit our website. The aim is to enable you get the ultimate browsing experience on our site. Some of the reasons why we use cookies are:

  • To know your purchasing history with us
  • Knowing how many people are visiting our website on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Understanding how visitors are surfing the pages of our site
  • Knowing your preferences like saved items/products, language settings, and more
  • To enable us send you newsletters and messages at regular intervals. These will be based on your areas of interest though as our newsletters are on different subject matters and categories.

Please note that you are at liberty to either accept or reject our cookies on your system. The only thing is that rejecting them can prevent you from exploring all the content on our site.

How we make use of your data

Your personal data is very crucial when it comes to developing and improving the product as well as services we are offering. The following (are) ways that we make use of them:

  • Identifying our real customers
  • Processing and delivering of your orders
  • Enabling you to take active part in our future promos and surveys
  • Identifying areas where our products and services need improvements to serve you better
  • Advertising products that you may be interested in
  • Carrying out identity verification anytime such is necessary
  • Detecting of fraud-related cases
  • And more

How we can share your data

Although it has been stated that we will not share any of your personal details with third parties, there are times or situations whereby such may become necessary. A typical scenario is when some third-party companies help us to carry out certain services like payment processing.

It is our vision to grow and become the best platform for Phone Accessories. This means that we can expand beyond our present state by purchasing other services or businesses. When this happens, your data can be transferred to the new ventures.

Another instance when we will have to release your data or personal details is in compliance to the law in a case that is related to fraud. Whenever your data is shared with third parties, we ensure that they are used as stipulated by the law. This means such data will not be used for their own individual purposes.