our return policy

In order to ensure a solid partnership and relationship with our customers on cases related to returned goods, we have decided to come up with some policies. These are to guide how customers like you can either return or exchange goods that have been purchased. It should be noted that our return policy concerns both wholesale and retail customers.

Our non-refundable policy

We are 100% committed towards ensuring that you are provided with goods of the highest quality. Therefore, once you have paid for such items, there won’t be a refund for any reason. Please note that a refund cannot also be allowed for defective products. Instead, we will ensure such is exchanged.

In order for a defective product to be exchanged, you need to ensure it is returned back to us within a period 15days. Please note that, you will be fully responsible for the cost incurred in shipping the defective product to us. On the other hand, Mobile Xcessories is going to handle the cost of shipping the new product to your destination.

Other instances where we don’t make refunds or exchange

Below are more scenarios when we neither make refunds nor exchange damaged goods.

Providing the wrong address

Please note that customers will be fully responsible for the addresses they supply to us for processing and shipping of their goods. In a situation, whereby your goods are shipped to a wrong address due to negligence on your part, we will not be held responsible. This is another instance whereby we don’t make any refund neither will any exchange be made.

Non-defective products

Although we can exchange your goods once it has been returned within 15days as stated above, there are certain conditions that need to be met. For instance, it is expected that there has to be proof of the goods being defective. If such products are not defective, we will not exchange them.

Damage to products due to being handled poorly

All the products at Mobile Xcessories are properly checked to ensure customers like you are getting nothing short of the best. In a situation whereby a product gets damaged due to poor handling on your part, we will not be held responsible.

If you are having issues understanding how mobile accessories are used for maximum results, it is recommended to contact us for help. This can help in preventing any form of damage to such product.

Products being damaged during shipping

Mobile Xcessories will neither refund nor exchange your product once it has been damaged by your chosen shipping company. In this case, we will not be held for any loss you might experience. It is therefore recommended that you purchase the necessary insurance policies that will provide maximum protection for your goods during shipment. Also, take out time to choose the right shipping company.

In case you still don’t understand, it is advised that you contact our support team about any issue before placing orders. This will ensure you are on a much safer side. They can also assist you in finding the right shipping company to ensure your products are delivered safely.